The Barnyard

The Barnyard: A New Road Or A Secret Gate Of Joy

Hey. ‘Sup?” “What’s happenin’?”Are you screaming with excitement because you and your friends just planned a picnic? Aye…! Okaydobe. 

One more question…?

Are you over the moon or you are just happy?

“Happy” is a good word, but still you can use another word for it called “Hygge”, It’s a Danish word to describe the feeling of deep coziness and contentment.

Because at the end of the day, a picnic is not just a word, rather it is a feeling of joy for all of us.


Obviously, there are some other choices in Delhi like monuments, historical places, museums, romantic dinner, and a movie.

But why always go to cliche?

Blind faith, Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

So let’s forget the dinner or a movie and head out to a place where Love and peace of mind do protect us.

Hold your horses tight because now I’m going to address the place where peace rolls out the “peaceful” carpet for you.

Here is the name…

The Barnyard!

And, here are the 5 reasons what make this place beyond Awesome!

1. If Peace Of Mind And Happiness Is Your Priority

As you probably know if peace of mind costs you then price will be too high.

Because happiness and peace of mind teach us to survive and allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us.

In other words, there is no greater wealth than peace of mind.

The Barnyard is one such place that offers peace where you can detox without the extra effort of traveling.

2. Empathy Is Like Giving Someone A Psychological Hug

Barnyard sainiki farm in delhi

This thing will blow smoke up your ass.

Research says, kids that spend time with animals from a young age grow up to be more empathetic.

So why not take a break and start to teach your kids how to stand in someone else’s shoes.

Build the power of empathy and imagination in your child so the whole world can open up towards your kid.

Make the world a better place by visiting “The Barnyard.”

3. Be A Voice For The Voiceless

When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul. – A.D Williams

We can’t buy love but we can rescue it and Barnyard set the example for it.

The Barnyard gave a place to the animals and these gentle and beautiful creatures call it home and a family.  

So Don’t Forget to say hello to these rescued babies in Barnyard:

  • Mohini the calf
  • Bruno the dog
  • Rocky the rooster
  • Kit n Kat the geese
  • Tinker the goat
  • Duh the donkey
  • Bun n Click the rabbits

4. Creativity Is Making Marvellous Out Of Discarded

The barnyard will burst your bubble and you will fall in love barnyard’s creativity before you could say knife.

Because this place proved how you can make products using waste such as making cloth bags instead of plastic ones.

5. Time Is Round And It Rolls Quickly Here

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.

And, The Barnyard is sure to give you a Day Well Spent. 

Here you can settle under a tree or relax on the hammock and watch the day go by.

Good natural holistic life, environment, peace and family of pets makes it one of the best-hidden places to visit in Delhi. 

Timings  Of This Mind-Blowing Place

So I’m saying…

Be a little younger, bring in that explorer spirit and just look around –

The Barnyard will give you some finest days and experiences.

Rejuvenate yourself.


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