Best Places To Visit In Delhi Alone

10 Best Places To Visit In Delhi Alone – Say Yes To Life

If long working hours are making you less creative and more stressed then blind faith, these best places to visit in Delhi Alone will give you a mesmerizing experience by touring through fast-paced and frantic, but fun-filled capital because these eyes capturing and well-known tourist destinations won’t judge you and won’t stash you away in a corner if you’re by yourself.

Best Places To Visit In Delhi Alone

1. Wander Around The Lodhi Garden

Best Places To Visit In Delhi With Family

As you probably know, the luscious garden was once known as ” Lady Willingdon Park” but was renamed after the country gained Independence from the British Raj.


People love to visit here because soothing greenery of the Lodhi Garden is a sight to sore eyes. It is situated near the Safdarjung tomb and also houses to the tombs of Mohammed Shah and Sikandar Lodhi.

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2. Tour To Red Fort

Best Places To Visit In Delhi

Red Fort is also called “Blessed Fort” and it was built by Shah Jahan in the mid 17th century. This splendid piece of architecture was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Red Fort offers a number of museums, palace, and a beautiful garden and famous for its beauty, architecture, and History. Red Fort which served as a residence to the Mughal rulers is one of the best places to visit in Delhi alone.

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3. Explore Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid In Delhi

This impressive example of Mughal architecture is the second-largest mosque on the India subcontinent. Jama Masjid was built by Shah Jahan in 1650–56 and it stands across the road from Red Fort.

It is said that this magnificent structure was constructed by five thousand artisans using red sandstone and white marble. Here you can experience the peace and tranquility in the mid rush of the city.

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4. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple In Delhi

Akshardham temple is dedicated to Swaminarayan, an Indian yogi and spiritual soul and this temple is famous for its aesthetic beauty, sprawling campus, tranquility, unique exhibition, and spirituality.

Each part of the temple complex is a work of intricate art and exhibits flawless craftsmanship. Guinness World Record awarded this temple with the title namely the Largest comprehensive Hindu temple in the world.

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5. Iskcon Temple

Best Places To Visit In Delhi

The purpose of this temple is to spread the knowledge of Vedic philosophy and Bhagwat Gita. This iconic Vaishnav temple is one of the most beautiful and largest temple complexes in the capital city.

Iskcon temple is famous for its beautiful paintings, museum, library, and architecture of the temple that will leave you spellbound for the remainder of the trip.

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6. Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat: Best Places To Visit In Delhi

Shopping is always a good idea. Dilli Haat is a symbol of the culture and lifestyle of the capital city. In other words, Dilli Haat has become synonymous as a cultural hub of Delhi.

All you need is a good bargain and haggle over products and you will catch your fancy at a cheap price. This place remains open all days of the week and popular for its wide range of handmade and handcrafted items.

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7. Sarojini Market

Best Places To Visit In Delhi For Shopping

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. But for your eyes only, here is our top recommendation “Sarojini Market”, the most hep and trendy market of the capital city.

This shopping Paradise situated in South Delhi and famous for clothing, footwear, kitchen utensils, accessories and cosmetics, latest fashion trends and much more. Long story short, this market is the answer to all your shopping lists.

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8. Connaught Place

Best Places To Visit In Delhi For Shopping

If you are not familiar with the Marvels that Connaught place in Delhi has to offer then worry not. Because I am going to help you decode the best things here.

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Connaught place is situated right at the heart of new Delhi and brimming with a number of eateries, places to shop, entertainment centre and restaurants. It is one of the most bustling and happening places in Delhi.

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9. Tearoom Cafe

The masala chai here is not just amazing in fact its aaaamaazing! Tearoom cafe is chic and cozy and rustic altogether. Believe me or not, The cafe itself is very beautiful and has only the best vibes. Yes, Good vibes only. It is located in Hauz Khas village.

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10. Old Fort & Zoo

Purana Qila: Best Places To Visit In Delhi

Old Fort was erected by Mughal King Shah Suri in 1538. Old Fort is also called Purana Qila and it is one of the oldest sites of the city. Here you can also explore nearby historical sites and relish the lip-smacking food.

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And if you are in love with nature and animals then you can also head out to National Zoological Park which is situated near the Old Fort. The zoo has all kinds of birds and animals.

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With this, we end our list of the best places to visit in Delhi with wife. If you think that we missed something or if there is something that you would like to add then feel free to comment it down below!

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