Best Places To Visit In North Delhi

10 Best Places To Visit In North Delhi

This isn’t some shady trick, hack, tweak or black magic. Because I understand planning a trip isn’t interesting because it takes a lot of attempts to classify the right tourist destination that would give you all that you imagine on a trip. But don’t trouble YOUR pretty little head about it because we already did the heavy lifting for you. If your plan is to visit  North Delhi during your holidays then here are some best places to visit in North Delhi.

Best Places To Visit In North Delhi

To be completely transparent, our ultimate goal is to inspire others for traveling and start to explore a new culture. Let us quickly look at some of the best places to visit in North Delhi.


1. Ambedkar University Campus

If you are thinking, it is a usual university campus then you jumped to the wrong conclusion. It was built in the 1900s and in the beginning, Ambedkar university was an IG block In British Rule India.

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The main building of the campus is surrounded by graffiti-ridden walls and some academic walls. All I can say, this campus is steeped in history and has been evidence of all it’s turmoil.

2. Majnu Ka Tilla

Your visit to Majnu ka Tilla is going to be memorable for sure. Majnu Ka Tila is a small colony in Delhi and you get almost everything there to make your days pleasant such as fashion variety, cultural diversity, Yummy authentic Tibetan food and coffee, monastery, temple, cozy atmosphere and a lot to shop. So to sum up, it is one of the best places to visit in North Delhi.

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3. Razia Sultan’s Tomb

Razia Sultan was the first and only woman ruler of Delhi Sultanate and she ruled Delhi from 1236 to 1240. Razia Sultan’s Tomb definitely intriguing for history lovers.

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Honestly, this monument is not frequented by many tourists, but if you want to know about history then you should visit here, at least once! Razia Sultan’s Tomb can be reached from the Chandni Chowk Metro Station.

4. Japanese Park

If you are the kind of person who loves to sit close to nature over other things then visiting Japanese Park seems like the right plan. Jet replica, playground, and its gaming zone which is a treat for both kids and adults make it one of the best places to visit in north Delhi.

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Japanese Park is surely a loved tourist attraction because people love to come here for jogging, walking, exercising. So just head out there and adore the view of Japanese park.

5. Delhi Ridge

It is also known as Kamla Nehru Ridge and romantic couples, adults and kids love to visit here again and again. lovely park, beautiful monuments, Flag Staff Tower, Khooni Jheel, the mosque, Pir Ghalib, Hindu Rao Hospital, Mutiny Memorial make it one of the best places to visit in North Delhi. A person interested in history then this heritage walk is the best way to discover and start to love old Delhi.

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6. William Fraser’s Bungalow

It is also known by the name ‘white Mughal and Sculpted in the year 1803. William Fraser’s Bungalow is a historically rich tourist spot in Delhi and it is named after William Fraser who was the Commissioner of the Delhi Territory during the rule of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. William Fraser’s Bungalow is stroked with lemon yellow color and also won the Heritage Award for its good condition.

7. St James’s Church

St James’s church built by colonel James Skinner and it is dating back to 1836. St James’s church is a symbol of calm and serenity and it is also one of the oldest churches of the city. If you want to visit here then just take the Kashmere gate (Metro) exit and grab a peddle rickshaw from there.

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8. Kamala Nagar Market

If you are looking for cheap shopping markets in Delhi then Kamla Negar Market is One of the cheapest flea markets in the capital city. Kamala Nagar Market situated next to the North Campus of Delhi University and a splendid place to shop for your daily clothing.

The final price of a product completely depend upon your bargaining skill because prices easily go by 10-30% while bargaining. In Kamala Nagar Market, You can find every fashion accessory here and if you are a woman then you are going to love this place.

9. Mutiny Memorial And Ashokan Pillar

The Mutiny Memorial is a mnemonic of India’s first war of Independence in 1857 against the British Raj. The monument was constructed in 1863 and it is situated in front of the Old Telegraph building.

Within 200 meters from thus monument lies the Ashokan Pillar. It was made by emperor Ashokan but transferred to Delhi by Feroze Shah. If you want to visit here then you can easily reach out there from the side of Bara Hindu Rao or Kamala Nagar.

10. Old Post Office

If you have a desire to know about where the story of India post Began then it is one of the best places to visit in north Delhi. This post office of the capital city dating back to 1885 and the building is still in good shape.

Its double-storeyed structure is situated a quick walk down from the Ambedkar University entrance on the way from Kashmere gate to Lal-Qila.

With this, we end our list of the best places to visit near Delhi within 50 km. If you think that we missed something or if there is something that you would like to add then feel free to comment it down below!

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