Best Places To Visit In Delhi On Sunday

5 Best Places To Visit In Delhi On Sunday

Hey, it’s Sunday! And I’m here in Delhi with my family. I am so excited about what I’m going to do today. Nowadays, no one’s got time to spend with their family and also I’m one of them. So all the people out there in Delhi, who are reading this blog right now, move from where you are and get ready.
Ask your woman out, she’s going to get surprised that adds some spark into your lovely relationship. Ask your children out and show them the world. Ask your old man and old woman out and let them forget about all their pains and heal by the fresh air.


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Because I’m going to name YOU the Best places to visit in Delhi On Sunday where you can spend your Sunday Funday and also add some more beautiful memories to your routine life.

5 Best Places To Visit In Delhi On Sunday

1. Lodhi Gardens

When you walk into the Lodhi gardens, you’ll find beautiful tombs surrounded by the pretty green lawns which make you go into a trance for a while. For a while, enjoy the walk around the royal tombs and sit down in the green lawns and breathe some fresh air into your lungs.
One moment, enjoy the silence of nature and listen to the beautiful words chirping and singing. If you come with your children, let them play and don’t let anyone litter in such a beautiful garden which can kill its beauty.
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2. Garden Of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses consists of Mughal Gardens which is a sight of beautiful Persian style Garden, and some pools having beautiful lilies, also bamboo courts, herb gardens, and solar energy parks.
Do you want to know why it is named as Garden of five senses? This garden is designed to stimulate our five senses with its beauty and we can touch, smell, hear and see our natural surroundings.
Don’t miss the Garden tourism festivals which happen in the month of February such as food festivals, various Melas, Dandiya festival and other cultural programmes that are held here at different times.
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3. India Gate

We all love our Soldiers, here’s where some of the soldiers are. Witness the soldiers marching for the country. Come here in the evening to watch the soldiers parade. If possible take their Autograph.
Get emotional, let your children watch the parade and learn new things about the Country and the Patriotism. Wake up early in the morning and have a tour around the India Gate with the help of Delhi city Segway. Enjoy your ride in the early morning cool breeze.
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4. Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas (which means a ‘Royal Water Tank’) is a neighborhood where you can hang out with your dudes. If you are depressed, gather your friends and visit this place.
Wear a charming costume, visit the village pubs and a popular singer will surprise you with his beautiful songs. There are also so many picnic spots over here. This is a place where you can go to different places according to your needs.
There are pavilions having dorms around the water tanks which is the beauty of this place. Also, there are so many shops and restaurants here where you can eat and buy fresh new trendy stuff.
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5. Connaught Place

Connaught Place is famous for dudes hangout, for its most happening parties, bars and pubs, and nightlife. Through a party here and you’ll never forget it in this life. Here, the greatest enemies will also become friends and have each other’s back.
All the shopping lovers and explorers, this is a place where art, galleries, famous food chains, and restaurants are there to keep you alive and adds color to your boring expensive life.
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IF YOU KNOW about more places that can be added in the list “Best places to visit in Delhi on Sunday”, Or if some information provided here is wrong, do let me know by adding in the comment section. That would be greatly appreciated.

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