5 Best Places To Visit In Delhi At Evening

Hello My Dear Friends! How are you doing? Are you searching for best places to visit in delhi at evening? It’s ok fine Delhi has quite a lot of hangout places where you can kill your evening time. All the stress during your work hours will vanish in just a second when you step out of your workplace. But only when you start going outside and hangout with your favorite people, you will feel happier. So, here are some best places to visit in Delhi at evening.


Best Places To Visit In Delhi At Evening

1. Theaters

Everyone love movies and most of us often go to the theaters and watch them. But what’s the thrill if you watch on a screen? Then what should we do? Shall we watch in the cinema set and enjoy the movie? No that’s the worst way of watching film. We can’t run along with the movie team for each and every scene right! 

But we also have a great opportunity to watch a drama in the theatrical arts which is a unique way to enjoy watching the real men and women acting in front of us. Why not take a chance! You can visit your nearby theatre and have fun with your family and friends.

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2. Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

Are you so tired from working hard? Do you want some refreshment? Then this is the right place for you. Have some perch wine and relax in this very pleasant ambiance. Take someone along with you and chillout with them. 

Also this is a best place for a date, but only if both are not against alcohol. This is a lovely place for couples who can enjoy a sip of coffee and a sip of wine. Enjoy the food which very delicious and satisfies your beautiful and memorable date. 

  • Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

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3. Hard Rock Cafe

Do you love enjoying food along with a wonderful music in the background? A big YES! Most of the restaurants play a very soft music through the speakers which are fixed to the ceiling and we eat our food with a very good mood.

But in this restaurant, they don’t just play some soft music in the speakers because they have a rock band and some professionals play it in front of you to create a party atmosphere. Coming to the food items, they are so delicious.  

  • Nearest Metro Station: Cyber City(near Induslnd rapid metro station)

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4. Paintball

Do you love shooter games which you play in your computer and cell phones? Then this is the right place for you to hangout with your friends. Everyone loves to play adventurous games but they never really had a chance to play in real life.

This is the place where your dream comes true. They give you the war uniform along with the guns and bullets. There will be two opposite squads and you have to shoot each other and win the war. Don’t worry these bullets are not meant to hurt you because they are just paintballs so shoot them all.

  • Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

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5. Book Cafes

Do you want to spend some alone time after all the heavy responsibilities and hard work? Yes, even I need a break sometimes. So where do I go? I would definitely go to a cafe and order a cup of coffee and have some food. 

But there is this place, where you can have a cup of coffee and read few books. Isn’t this very interesting? This is the place where most of the bookworms like me hangout. So tell me, are you a bookworm too? Then you must definitely spend your alone time in the nearby book cafe.

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IF YOU KNOW about more places that can be added in the list “Best places to visit in Delhi at Evening” Or if some information provided here is wrong, do let me know by adding in the comment section. That would be greatly appreciated.







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